Reply to Graduation Letter

This is the Reply to Graduation Letter.Mr. Mahesh is now writing a reply to his friend Mr. Anil.


Mr. Anil,
328 Railway Road,
Anil Market,
Sri Lanka.

22nd Oct. 2001.

Dear Anil,

I am in receipt of your letter, full of sweet words and friendly advices. You are always thinging very high of me which I deserve the least. Only the blessings and wishes of true friends like you have stood me the times of odds and hardship.

I will do my best to remain your best friend. As you have noted in your letter, I have brought my parents with me.Now they are with me. Only they have sacrificed their life time to bring me to this position.

Please write letter as frequently as possible.

With Love.

(Signature of Mahesh)


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