Reply to Greetings Letter Sample

Mr. Bhrigu is writing a letter in response to the letter of congratulation written to him by his friend Mr. Pranav Guha.

18 Library Lane,

20th Jan. 2005.

Dear Pranav,

I am happy with your generous greetings. I am least deserved to become the subject of your greetings. Just I have done my duty.

Only with the moral support and blessings of friends like you, I could attain all these glories.

Felicitations from a friend like you count more than the judgment of government organizations. Even more so when you reassure me that my actual clients, the school children, have benefited the most from my work.

Your accolades encourage me to work harder in this field. I am now working on an assignment for Sterling Publishers for a Science Encyclopedia for children. It is going to be of 20 volumes and might take two or three years. So wish me all the best.

With thanks and love.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Bhrigu


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