Reply to Letter of Complaints

This is a Reply to Letter of Complaints.

16th April 2001.


The Director,
Maharashtra Tourism,


Mr. Malick,
13 Juju Vilas,

Dear Sir,

I am shocked to learn of the reception and treatment being meted out to our foreign tourists at Mumbai. Thanking for bringing the matter to our notice. I am issuing a notice forth while to our officials and those at the airport and taxi stands to keep a strict vigil on transactions between cab drivers and tourists. In fact, we intend to convert the entire system to prepaid cab facilities. I reassure you that your friends will have nothing to complain about. The phone number 29384756 has been widely published on city walls for contact and complaint. Please contact me at once the moment you come across any such incident in the tourist area.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signatrure of The Director)


The Director

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