Reply to Letter of Congratulations

How to draft a Reply to Letter of Congratulations?Here is a sample letter for your reference.

22nd January 2001.


Mr. Johnny Kay,
Regional Manager,
Centurion Enterprises Company,
456, Lalan Bandar Baru,
82000 Pontian,


Mr. Ramachandran,
EWQ, Lalan Bandar Baru,
82/ABC Pontian,

Dear Mr. Ramachandran,

I am in receipt of your Congratulation Letter. It is verily nice of you and your wife to congratulate me on the occasion of my promotion to the coveted position Regional Manager. I am least deserved to occupy this post. The company has found out that I am a suitable person to occupy this post. With the blessings and love of friends like you, I will do my best to carry out responsibilities to develop my company.

As you state your expectations in your letter, I will do all that is possible to take my company forward.

With love.

(Signature of Johnny Kay)


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