Reply to Letter to a Club

This is a Reply to Letter to a Club.

29th Feb. 2006.


The Secretary,
DDA Club,
Sri Lanka.


132 Cavalla Ham Apartments,
Sri Lanka.

Dear Mr.Aakaash,

I am sending you a form to be filled in and to be sent to us with a demand draft of $1000.00 by 13th March 2004. Your immediate family –wife and children- will become bona fide members too, once you enroll. They may use any of our recreation facilities – tennis grounds, golf driving range, swimming pool, billiards room, yoga and aerobic centers for a nominal payment of $10 each a month. Your guest may also use the same if referred by you. The fee for them is $20 each a month.

With best wishes.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature of The Secretary)


The Secretary

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