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345/23-ZX: Sona Tower,
Clinton Mart,
Ball One Avenue,

31st Dec. 2001.

My Dear Shoran,

I am in receipt of your letter of greetings. It is nice of you to send me a letter of greeting on the occasion of my birth day. You are always fond of me since your child-days. Your love and affection for me and my family is the best source of enthusiasm and inspiration for me to be hale and hearty.

Mt family members have planned to organize a party to celebrate my birth day. We will send you the formal Invitation. Please, be here at least one day in advance to share your days with us.

The book that you have sent me a token of respect to me is what I wanted to buy a long time. Fortunately, you have taken precedence in solving my little problem. I am grateful to you for your gesture of affection and respect that I deserve very little.

Let The Almighty bless you with all that you wish for.

With love.

Yours truly,

Signature of Mr. Bill


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