Synonyms & Antonyms : Risk


( Noun )

To succeed in business, one must be prepared to run risks.










Contextual Examples:

The ascent of the Mount Everest was a great hazard for the early mountaineer.

Nancy jeopardized her life but saved a drowning child.

John ventured to stake on the ice only after it was fully frozen.

These birds are able to survive the peril of arctic winter.

He was not aware of the danger of touching a live wire.

The fireman endangered his life to save the lives of persons trapped in the burning house.

In International trade the stakes are high, but so are the profits.

He has imperiled our investments by staking them on the new issues of a limited company.










Contextual Examples:

The bank has refused to advance me a loan without a proper security.

You can secure 80% marks if you work hard.

Let us save something every month for a rainy day.

I have a feeling that Ralson is harboring evil designs in money matters.

We ran to safety when bombing took place during the last war.

India can defend herself from neighbors but what would happen if there is a nuclear war among super-powers.

Where would humans then run for shelter?

Will any place be good enough as a shield from nuclear effects?

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