Synonyms & Antonyms : Rude


( Adjective )

It is rude to interrupt at people.









Contextual Examples:

We felt sorry to observe that the son was rather discourteous to his father’s guests.

Mrs. Laxmi complained to her friend that the errand boy had been impudent to her.

These children are too unmannerly to be invited to a party.

Her saucy remarks raised many eyebrows.

The churlish brute muttered menacingly when my friend asked him to leave.

The customers were unhappy with the impertinent waitress.

It is considered impolite for a man to receive guests in informal night dress.










Contextual Examples:

Raman knows how to be civil with lady quests.

I am trying to cultivate friendship with Neha my classmate.

His polished manners win him new friends with ease.

His courteous behavior has made him quiet popular among the local elites.

Richard is elegant enough to make high level contacts in politics.

Graham is too refined and sophisticated for a rough life of the village.

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