Name Nature
Acoustics The study of sound (or the science of sound)
Acrobatics The art of performing acrobatic feats
Aerodynamics (i) The branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of air and other gases.
(ii) The study of the motion and control of solid bodies Like aircraft, missiles in air.
Aeronautics The science or art of flight
Aerostatics The branch of statics that deals with gases in equilibrium and with gases and bodies in them
Aesthetics The philosophy of fine arts
Aetiology The science of plant life and plant nutrition
Agronomics The science of managing land or crops
Agronomy The science of soil management and production of field crops
Agrostology The study of grasses
Anatomy The science dealing with the structure of animals, plants or human body
Anthropology The science that deals with the origin and physical and cultural development of mankind
Arboriculture Cultivation of trees and vegetables
Archaeology The study of antiquities
Astrology The ancient way of predicting the course of human destinies with the help of indications deduced from the position and movement of the heavenly bodies
Astronautics The science of space travel
Astronomy The study of the heavenly bodies
Astrophysics The branch of astronomy concerned with the physical nature of heavenly bodies
Bacteriology The study of bacteria
Biochemistry The study of chemical process of living things
Bionics The study of functions, characteristics and phenomena observed in the living world and the application of this knowledge to the world of machines
Bionomics The study of the relation of an organism to its environment
Bionomy The science of the laws of life
Biophysics The physics of vital processes (living things)
Botany The study of plants
Calisthenics The systematic exercise for attaining strength and gracefulness
Ceramics The art and technology of making objects from clay etc… (Pottery)
Chemistry The study of elements and their laws of combination and behavior
Chemotherapy The treatment of disease by using chemical substances
Chronobiology The study of duration of life
Chronology The science of arranging time in periods and ascertaining the dates and historical order of past events
Conchology The branch of Zoology dealing with the shells of molluscs
Cosmogony The science of the nature of heavenly bodies
Cosmography The science that describes and maps the main features of` the universe
Cosmology The science of the nature, origin and history of the Universe
Criminology The study of crime and criminals
Cryptography The study of ciphers (secret writings )
Crystallography The study of structure, forms and properties of crystals
Cryogenics The science dealing with the production, control and application of very low temperatures

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