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Search Engine and Web Directory List :

The following is a list of some of the most powerful search and metasearch engines and most comprehensive web directories.

All4one : One of the first metasearch engines, All4One allows simultaneous searching of 10 major search engines.

Alta Vista : Allows you to search for websites, audio, video, and news. It also allows searches by location and language.

Dogpile : A metasearch engine that will search Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Ask.

Environment Web Directory : A web directory that focuses on environmental and health issues.

Excite : A search engine that lets you search by language, for video, audio, and mp3, and by relevant date.

Google : Includes a new type of search, "Google Scholar," which allows you to search for more academically-oriented searches.

Lycos : A search engine that allows for news searches but does not have many advanced search features.

Metacrawler : A metasearch engine and will search other search engines.

The Open Directory Project : One of the largest and most comprehensive human-edited directories in the world. Only higher quality websites will be listed here as each site submitted must be approved by a directory editor.

People Search : People Search has online white-page directories for telephone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, etc.

WebCrawler : Another search engine that allows searching by location, domain name, and for multimedia.

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  • How the Internet and Search Engines Work : The Internet is made up of a vast amount of computers networked throughout the world via data lines or wireless routers.

  • Kinds of Search Engines and Directories : Web directories (also known as indexes, web indexes or catalogues) are broken down into categories and sub-categories and are good for broad searches of established sites.

  • Searching with a Search Engine : A search engine is a device that sends out inquiries to sites on the web and catalogs any web site it encounters, without evaluating it.

  • Searching with a Web Directory : There are two main types of directories.

  • Resources to Search the Invisible Web : The Invisible Web includes many types of online resources that normally cannot be found using regular search engines.

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  • Other Strategies for Web Searching : Don't limit your Internet searching to using search engines. Be creative and think about which Internet sites might have the information you are looking for.
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