Synonyms & Antonyms : Seek


( Verb )

He is going to Canada to
seek his fortune.





Look for





Contextual Examples:

It requires a great deal for courage and experiences to
hunt a tiger.

The union leader will
court arrest today to press their demands.

May I
inquire who the singer among these girls is?

Prabhat is
looking for an opportunity to go abroad.

Nowadays Hamish is in
search of a handsome job.

The old man
solicited our help for his sick wife.

The detective
followed the gang to its hide-out.






Contextual Examples:

I always try to
shun the company of bad characters.

He’s been
avoiding me like a plague since quarrel.

The Principal advised the students to completely
eschew political discussions in college.

He managed to
evade all the difficult questions.

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