Self-Introduction : Frequently Used Sentences in Self-Introduction

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Simple Sentences used
in Self-Introduction
( By A School Student )

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Simple Sentences used in Self-Introduction ( By A School Student ) :

  1. My name is Suresh.

  2. I am studying 11th standard.

  3. The name of my school is SPK Higher Secondary School.

  4. My father is Mr. N. Vivekanandhan.

  5. My native place is Madurai.

  6. I have a two-wheeler.

  7. My father owns a car.

  8. I have a younger brother and a sister.

  9. My school is a famous school.

  10. There are 3000 students studying in our school.

  11. My aim is to become a doctor.

  12. I got first rank in the 10th std. examination.

  13. I get up early at 5 a.m.

  14. I like to play cricket daily.

  15. My hobby is reading books.

  16. I have the habit of saving money.

  17. I am a vegetarian.

  18. I know three languages, English, Tamil and Hindi.

  19. Ram is my good friend.

  20. We have a very good play ground.

  21. I have the habit of seeing films.

  22. The District Collector visited our school.

  23. We attend the classes regularly.

  24. I won't watch T.V. during examinations.

  25. Our school got several prizes in sports and games.

  26. Our school is the best school in the city.

  27. The Head master of our school is Mr. Ramesh.

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