Self, Servants and Service : Proverbs

Key-Words Based Proverbs

Self :

  • Self defense is nature's eldest law.

  • Self preservation is the first law of nature.

  • Every man likes his own thing best.

  • Who knows himself knows others.

  • Men are blind in their own cause.

  • Every man is his own enemy.

  • Yourself first, others afterward.

  • Mind other men, but most yourself.

  • No man is the worse for knowing the worst of himself.

  • Every man is nearest himself.

  • Servants :

  • A servant is known by his master's absence.

  • Master easy, servant slack.

  • Who wishes to be ill-served, let him keep plenty of servants.

  • Servants will not be diligent where the master's negligent.

  • A good servant must have good wages.

  • A good servant must come when you call him, go when you bid him and shut the door after him.

  • Service :

  • No money, no service.

  • Small service is true service while it lasts.

  • He profits most who serves best.

  • They also serve who only stand and wait.

  • First serve. Then deserve.

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