Sensory Perception & Taste Perception

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Sensory Perception

Stand in front of a friend. Point your forefinger at your friend's face. Now close your eyes and drop the hand down. With the eyes remaining closed, again lift your hands and point at your friend's face. Open your eyes and see how accurate you have been. Then continue this experiment with each time closing the eyes for longer periods and see if the time duration is effecting the accuracy and if so how? Then close your eyes and turn round and then try to come to the same position and again point your forefinger at your friend's face. See how accurate you have been.

Taste Perception

Take a potato and peel it. Then dip it in lemon juice for some 20 minutes. Now ask a friend to come and with his permission tie his eyes with a piece of cloth. Put a piece of the potato in his mouth and ask him to taste it. After that ask him what it was. He will say it is lemon.

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