Sentence Correction 7


Arguments against using children as courtroom witnesses are often predicated on the unproved assumption that children’s memories are more malleable and less trustworthy that adults.

(A) adults

(B) that of an adult

(C) an adult is

(D) those of adults

(E) adults are


The error in this question is popularly known as ‘comparing apple with oranges’.

The author of this sentence obviously seeks to compare the memories with the memories of the adults.

But this sentence erroneously compares the memories of the children with the adults themselves.

To correct this error, the underlined word ‘adults’ must be replaced by ‘adults’ memories’, or ‘memories of adults’, Or ‘those of adults’. Among the choices, the choice (D) contains the last alternative, and is the answer.

Other choices are wrong for the lack of proper comparison.

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