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Simple Indicators

Simple chemical indicators can be made at home. Juice of red beetroot is one such thing. Cut a few pieces of this and gently warm it for sometime in a vessel. The red solution you get can be used for finding whether a liquid in acidic or alkaline. All you have to do is drop a few drops of the liquid on this solution. If it is acidic, the solution will turn pink and if it is a weak alkaline substance, it will turn blue and if it is a strong alkali, then the solution will turn green. Sodium bicarbonate is a weak alkali while washing soda is a strong alkali. You may do the test and see the results.

Model Molecules

Using toothpicks and modelling clay you can make the model of molecules. Try making the model of Methane (CH
4). Here you can take the bonds of carbon to be four and that of Hydrogen as one. For making the models of other hydrocarbon that include oxygen take the bond of oxygen as two. You can make as many models as you want in this way.

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