Simple Present Tense

Simple Present Tense :

Simple Present Tense is used to express a regular, habitual or repeated actions or events.

Examples :

  1. I change my library book every week.

  2. He takes the dog out twice a day.

  3. Birds usually build nests in the tree.

  4. My grandfather regularly walks in the morning.

  5. I drink coffee everyday.

  6. He never takes liquor.

  7. He reads newspaper daily.

  8. The sun rises in the east.

  9. She writes articles to The Hindu regularly.

  10. I travel 5 kilometers everyday.

  11. My daughter goes to school by bus.

  12. We buy vegetables only in the market.

  13. I browse internet only in the night.

  14. He does not sing in my album.

  15. This computer is not available in India.

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