Slangs are the expressions which are used in their most informal usages.Slang is language at its most informal, using expressions that many would consider to be grammatically imperfect and sometimes rude. Slang often used within small social groups where it can help draw and keep the group together. It changes very quickly in English.

Cockney Rhyming Slangs are the specialised forms of slangs used in the East of London. This kind of Slang is a kind of antilanguage where words are replaced by phrases that rhyme (sound the same): North and south = mouth Adam and Eve = believe Sometimes, the last word is dropped.

Slangs beginning with C :

Cack : (UK) If something is cack, it is rubbish.

Caff : (UK) A caff is a cafe.

Caffiend : A caffiend is someone who is addicted to coffee. (Caffiend = caffeine + friend)

Cake : (USA) Cake is money.

Cake-boy : (USA) A cake-boy is a gay man.

Call : A good or bad call is a good or bad decision or choice.

Can't be arsed : (UK) If you can't be arsed to do something, you can't be bothered.

Can't half : If you can't half do something, you do it very well indeed.

Cancer stick : (UK) A 'cancer stick' is a cigarette.

Cane : mIf you consume or use something excessively or greedily, you cane it.

Caned : (UK) If someone is caned, they are either drunk or have taken a lot of drugs.

Cap : (USA) If you cap someone, you kill them.

Car park : (UK) As a verb, to car park someone is to attack them violently, as many fights take places in car parks outside pubs.

Card-carrying loony : This is an insulting term used to describe someone who is so unconventional as to appear to be quite mad. It isn't used to describe anyone with a genuine mental illness.

Carder : A carder is a criminal who specialises in stolen credit card data.

Carousel fraud : (UK) When people import goods and move them from country to country to avoid paying tax, this is carousel fraud.

Carpet muncher : (UK) A carpet muncher is a lesbian.

Cashpoint cripple : Someone who parks illegally directly in front of a cashpoint or shop because they are too lazy to walk a bit is a cashpoint cripple.

Cassava : (USA) Cassava is a term used for the female genitals.

Catalogue man : A catalogue man is someone who is very unfashionable.

Celebutard : A celebutard is a particularly stupid celebrity. It comes from celebrity + debutante + retard.

Charlie : 'Charlie' is a slang term for the drug cocaine.

Chat bubbles : (UK) People who are chatting bubbles are talking rubbish.

Chatlish : Chatlish is the style of writing used in chatrooms and messenger programs, with a lot of abbreviations, like LOL, ROTFL, and contractions of words, often with the vowels missing, little punctuation and few capital letters.

Chav : (UK) Chavs, or chav scum, are antisocial people much given to swearing, fighting, behaving badly when drunk, stealing, wearing tacky jewellery and avoiding work. The feminine form 'chavette' is used sometimes.

Chaw : (UK) To chaw is to steal. (used in the north east of England)

Cheatz : Cheatz are programs or files to help you cheat in a computer game.

Chebs : (Scot) A woman's breasts are her chebs.

Cheesy : If something is cheesy, it is bad quality or tasteless.

Chelsea tractor : (UK) A Chelsea tractor is an SUV (sport-utility vehicle)

Chenzed : (UK) If someone is drunk or tired, they are chenzed.

Chi town : (USA) Chi town is Chicago.

Chib : (UK) A chib is a knife or homemade weapon used in similar way.

Chick flick : A chick flick is a film that appeals predominantly to women.

Chicken : Chicken - coward or cowardly (noun & adjective)

Chickenhawk : A chickenhawk is a person who supports or encourages war but is too old to have to fight in it or take risks themselves.

Chickenshit : Someone who is chickenshit is a coward or is afraid at a particular time.

Chimney wok : (UK) A chimney wok is a TV satellite dish.

Chip : (UK) If you chip, you leave a place.

Chipper : If someone is chipper, they are in a very good mood and pleased about something.

Chirpsing : Chirpsing is flirting.

Choad : (USA) A man's choad is his penis.

Chocker : (UK) If something is chocker, or chockerblock, it's full.

Choked : (UK) If you're very disappointed, you're choked.

Chopper : A chopper is a helicopter.

Chron : (USA) Something that is extremely good or bad is chron. It also means strong marijuana.

Chuffed : (UK) If you're chuffed, you're very happy or pleased about something.

Chump change : Chump change is a very small and insignificant amount of money.

Chunder : To chunder is to vomit.

Clanger : (UK) If you drop a clanger, you make a silly, embarrassing mistake.

Claptrap : If something, especially an opinion or idea, is claptrap, it is nonsense or rubbish.

Claret : (UK) Claret means blood, especially when someone is bleeding after a fight.

Clean skin : A clean skin is someone who is not known to the police or authorities and, therefore, is unlikely to be detected when committing a criminal or terrorist act.

Clicktease : A link that suggests that a site offers something attractive or free while it offers something else is a clicktease.

Clip : (USA) If someone is clipped, they are murdered.

Clout : USA) A clout is a shoplifter.

Clucky : If a woman is clucky, she is broody and wants to get pregnant.

Coffin dodger : (UK) A coffin dodger is an elderly person.

Coffin nail : A cigarette is a coffin nail.

Con : A con is a criminal. As a verb and noun, it can also mean fraud.

Confuzzled : (UK) If you're confuzzled, you're confused.

Conswervative : A conswervative is a conservative figure who has been found doing something he or she has disapproved of in their public life. (it comes from conservative + swerve)

Cop : 'Cop' is a slang term for the police (It can be used in the singular or plural): 'Slow down- there's a cop behind us.' The cops arrested them.

Cop shop : (UK) A cop shop is a police station.

Copper : (UK) 'Copper' is a slang term for the police (It can be used in the singular or plural): The coppers took them away.

Cougar : (USA) A cougar is an older woman who goes out to find younger men to have sex with. ('Urban cougar' is also used.)

Cowboy up : (USA) If someone gets tough when things are difficult a deals with them, they cowboy up.('Cowgirl up' can be used for women.)

Crack : Crack of a smokable form of cocaine, which got it's name from the noise it makes when it burns.

Crackberry : A crackberry is a person addicted to their Blackberry device. (from crack + Blackberry)

Cracker : (USA) A cracker is a white person.

Crackz : A crack is a program or a code used to get full access to software illegally. The plural is normally witten with -z rather than -s.

Crash : To crash is to go to bed or to sleep.

Creps : (UK) Creps are trainers (training shoes).

Crim : Crim is an abbreviation of criminal.

Crimble : (UK) Crimble is Christmas.

Crimbo : (UK) Crimbo is Christmas.

Croak : To croak is to die or to kill.

Crunk : If someone is crunk, they are very drunk. (It is a portmanteau word from crazy + drunk)

Crustie : (UK) A crustie is a traveller who has adopted an unwashed and scruffy appearance.

Cunt Nazi : A cunt Nazi is a woman who tries to prevent a man going out with another woman.

Curry and rice : (UK) Curry and rice is a cocktail of the drugs heroin and cocaine, or crack cocaine.

Cush : v(UK) Cush is savings, money set aside, and is an abbreviation of cushion.

Cushy : (UK) If something, like a job, is cushy, it is easy.

Cut the cheese : To cut the cheese is to fart.

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