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Let us enjoy reading this one of Modern Stories of Sleepovers.

Daisy is the new girl at the school. Most of her classmates are friendly, except for bossy, stuck-up Chloe. Having Chloe as a friend is hard work, but having her as an enemy would be far worse.

So when Chloe issues the great sleepover challenge, Daisy is desperate to take part.

"Guess what!" said Amy. "It's my birthday next week and my mum says I can invite all my special friends for a sleepover party."

"Great," said Bella.

"Fantastic," said Chloe.

"Wonderful," said Emily.

I didn't say anything. I just smiled hopefully.

I wasn't sure if I was one of Amy's special friends. Amy and Bella were best friends. Chloe and Emily were best friends. I didn't have a best friend yet at this new school.

Well, it wasn't quite a new school. It was quite old, with winding stairs and long polished corridors and lots and lots of classrooms, some of them in Portakabins in the playground.

I still got a bit lost sometimes. The very first day I couldn't find the girls' toilets and went hopping round all playtime, getting desperate. But then Emily found me and took me to the toilets herself. I liked Emily so much. I wish she could be my best friend. But she already had Chloe for her best friend.

I didn't think much of Chloe.

I liked Amy and Bella though. We'd started to go round in a little bunch of five, Amy and Bella and Emily and Chloe and me. We formed this special secret club. We called ourselves the Alphabet Girls. It's because of our names. I'm Daisy. So our first names start with A B C D and E. I was the one who spotted this. The secret club was all my idea too.

I always wanted to be part of a special secret club. It was almost as good as having a best friend.

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