Spelling Variations between American Spelling and British Spelling

Spelling Variations between American Spelling and British Spelling :

The Internet is a worldwide medium, and to our pleasure, surfers from around the globe access our pages daily. Often, they find the same word is spelled differently throughout this site. The same word can even be spelled differently on the same page! Some users become upset about our spelling. They ask us why we spell the words on our pages the way we do.

Our answer is this. When preparing entries for our pages, we use the spelling of words that each individual contributor uses. That's because people spell the same word differently in different parts of the world. We do hope you find this a reasonable explanation. We do not intend to offend anyone's sensibilities over this point.

When this page was originally published, it contained about 200 words. Most of the words were about work and organizations. Over time, our spelling word list has been expanded to include words from many sources. People refer to our word list to help themselves with spelling difficulties of all kinds, not just labour related word problems.

Below, we present a list of spelling variations that appear in the English language. There are over 450 entries in this listing. Looking at the pairs of words will you give an idea of the same word spellings in use. Other sites present web pages that contain a list of rules, variants, exceptions and the like to help writers to remember how to spell a particular word. Other pages provide guidelines about how to spell in an American style and how to spell in a British style. This list is simply a column of word pairs and we've found it easier just to look up the spelling variations.

                                AMERICAN           BRITISH
                                pajama             pyjama
                                paleobotany        palaeobotany
                                paleocene          palaeocene
                                paleoclimatology   palaeoclimatology
                                paleogeography     palaeogeography
                                paleography        palaeography
                                paleolithic        palaeolithic
                                paleomagnetism     palaeomagnetism
                                paleontology       palaeontology
                                paleozoic          palaeozoic
                                paneling           panelling
                                panelist           panellist
                                pantyhose          panti-hose
                                paper currency     papercurrency
                                paralyze           paralyse
                                parlor             parlour
                                pasteurizing       pasteurising
                                pavilion           pavillion
                                pedagogy           paedagogy
                                pedestrianize      pedestrianise
                                pediatric          paediatric
                                pediatrician       paediatrician
                                pedophile          paedophile
                                pedophilia         paedophilia
                                phanastrons        phantastrons
                                phase changing     phasechanging
                                pjamas             pyjamas
                                plasticizer        plasticiser
                                plow               plough
                                plowing            ploughing
                                plowman            ploughman
                                polarization       polarisation
                                polarize           polarise
                                polarized          polarised
                                polyethylene       polyethene
                                polymerizable      polymerisable
                                polymerized        polymerised
                                practicing         practising
                                preferred          prefered
                                preignition        pre-ignition
                                pretense           pretence
                                prioritize         prioritise
                                program            programme
                                prolog             prologue
                                prophesy           prophecy
                                pseudointellectual pseudo-intellectual
                                pseudoscience      pseudo-science
                                pulverizing        pulverising

Of course, we might have completely ommitted few other words. We do appreciate notification of those words. Thank you for your interest.

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