Spelling Variations between American Spelling and British Spelling

Spelling Variations between American Spelling and British Spelling :

The Internet is a worldwide medium, and to our pleasure, surfers from around the globe access our pages daily. Often, they find the same word is spelled differently throughout this site. The same word can even be spelled differently on the same page! Some users become upset about our spelling. They ask us why we spell the words on our pages the way we do.

Our answer is this. When preparing entries for our pages, we use the spelling of words that each individual contributor uses. That's because people spell the same word differently in different parts of the world. We do hope you find this a reasonable explanation. We do not intend to offend anyone's sensibilities over this point.

When this page was originally published, it contained about 200 words. Most of the words were about work and organizations. Over time, our spelling word list has been expanded to include words from many sources. People refer to our word list to help themselves with spelling difficulties of all kinds, not just labour related word problems.

Below, we present a list of spelling variations that appear in the English language. There are over 450 entries in this listing. Looking at the pairs of words will you give an idea of the same word spellings in use. Other sites present web pages that contain a list of rules, variants, exceptions and the like to help writers to remember how to spell a particular word. Other pages provide guidelines about how to spell in an American style and how to spell in a British style. This list is simply a column of word pairs and we've found it easier just to look up the spelling variations.

                                AMERICAN           BRITISH
                                saltpeter          saltpetre
                                savior             saviour
                                savor              savour
                                saxophone          saxaphone
                                scepter            sceptre
                                selvage            selvedges
                                sensitizing        sensitising
                                sergeant           serjeant
                                shop               shoppe
                                shoveled           shovelled
                                skeptic            sceptic
                                skillful           skilful
                                smolder            smoulder
                                sniveled           snivelled
                                snowplow           snowplough
                                somber             sombre
                                southeast          south-east
                                southwest          south-west
                                specialize         specialise
                                specialty          speciality
                                spelled            spelt
                                spilled            spilt
                                splendor           splendour
                                stabilizer         stabiliser
                                standardize        standardise
                                sterilization      sterilisation
                                storied            storyed
                                story              storey
                                stylized           stylised
                                subsidizing        subsidising
                                succor             succour
                                sulfate            sulphate
                                sulfide            sulphide
                                sulfite            sulphite
                                sulfur             sulphur
                                sulfureted         sulphuretted
                                sulfurous          sulphurous
                                summarized         summarised
                                supersede          supercede
                                symbolize          symbolise
                                synchronization    synchronisation
                                synthesizing       systhesising

Of course, we might have completely ommitted few other words. We do appreciate notification of those words. Thank you for your interest.

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