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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. It existed in many the world’s early civilizations.

    (a) be

    (b) faced

    (c) played

  2. Ice hockey evolved in the British isles in the 19th Century.

    (a) came out

    (b) credited

    (c) aggregated

  3. I was possibly adapted from the Irish came of hurling.

    (a) surpassed

    (b) made suitable

    (c) dreamed

  4. Possibly from the Irish game of hurling.

    (a) sleeping

    (b) drawing

    (c) jumping

  5. The British army helped spread hockey internationally.

    (a) guide

    (b) pace

    (c) move

  6. Its popularity was booming in the Indian Subcontinent.

    (a) play

    (b) hit

    (c) fame

  7. Its popularity especially booming in the Indian Subcontinent.


    (b) tutelage

    (c) shining

  8. Men’s hockey first appeared at the 1908 Olympic games.

    (a) seemed

    (b) matched

    (c) helped


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