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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. All these adventures had a few qualities.

    (a) brave man

    (b) cowards

    (c) discoverers

    ANSWER : discoverers

  2. They were focussed.

    (a) set held

    (b) wondered

    (c) cleft

    ANSWER : set held

  3. He is afraid of danger.

    (a) safety

    (b) cockpit

    (c) unsafety

    ANSWER : unsafety

  4. ….. with danger is to keep in contact with it.

    (a) journey

    (b) swank

    (c) zoom

    ANSWER : journey

  5. ………. set off on a voyage from Europe to China.

    (a) journey

    (b) hypnotise

    (c) locomotives

    ANSWER : journey

  6. With bags of jewels and bales of silk

    (a) zoom

    (b) bluns

    (c) bundles

    ANSWER : bundles

  7. His own relatives did not recognise him.

    (a) identify

    (b) hide

    (c) see

    ANSWER : identify

  8. Columbus crossed the Atlantic and discovered it.

    (a) invented

    (b) focussed

    (c) deterred

    ANSWER : invented

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