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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. I am surprised to see you here.

    (a) amazed

    (b) impressed

    (c) prompted

  2. We should not follow old custom.

    (a) friends

    (b) fool

    (c) habit

  3. I am still paying the penalty of another neglect.

    (a) punishment

    (b) reward

    (c) award

  4. There is no clarity in the picture.

    (a) dim

    (b) dullness

    (c) shining

  5. He is a timid fellow.

    (a) nice

    (b) clever

    (c) bad-tempered

  6. He is a queer person.

    (a) real

    (b) hated

    (c) strange

  7. What an amusing thing!

    (a) funny

    (b) real

    (c) strange

  8. Show me the authentic proof.

    (a) hated

    (b) real

    (c) funny

  9. He has automatic watch.

    (a) mechanical

    (b) funning

    (c) strange

  10. He detested bad habits.

    (a) loved

    (b) hated

    (c) reached


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