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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. India won six straight Olympic gold medals.

    (a) Without break

    (b) good

    (c) bad

  2. He was winning 24 consecutive matches.

    (a) simultaneous

    (b) straight

    (c) pace

  3. A record likely to stand through the ages.

    (a) years

    (b) months

    (c) times

  4. Thrust on to the centre stage his mettle would be tested.

    (a) guidance

    (b) courage

    (c) fare

  5. Jean Valjean pleaded with the police and said he was not guilty.

    (a) requested

    (b) fought

    (c) died

  6. He fed on filth for nineteen years.

    (a) bread

    (b) dirty food

    (c) fish

  7. The Bishop slept tranquilly.

    (a) fast

    (b) slowly

    (c) place fully

  8. He stood terrified at this radiant figure.

    (a) frightening

    (b) shining

    (c) fearing


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