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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. India won six straight Olympic gold medals.

    (a) Without break

    (b) good

    (c) bad

    ANSWER : Without break

  2. He was winning 24 consecutive matches.

    (a) simultaneous

    (b) straight

    (c) pace

    ANSWER : straight

  3. A record likely to stand through the ages.

    (a) years

    (b) months

    (c) times

    ANSWER : times

  4. Thrust on to the centre stage his mettle would be tested.

    (a) guidance

    (b) courage

    (c) fare

    ANSWER : fare

  5. Jean Valjean pleaded with the police and said he was not guilty.

    (a) requested

    (b) fought

    (c) died

    ANSWER : requested

  6. He fed on filth for nineteen years.

    (a) bread

    (b) dirty food

    (c) fish

    ANSWER : dirty food

  7. The Bishop slept tranquilly.

    (a) fast

    (b) slowly

    (c) peacefully

    ANSWER : peacefully

  8. He stood terrified at this radiant figure.

    (a) frightening

    (b) shining

    (c) fearing

    ANSWER : shining

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