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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. The moral world has no greater spectacle than this.

    (a) scenery

    (b) glasses

    (c) sight

    ANSWER : sight

  2. Jean Valjean walked cautiously.

    (a) truly

    (b) carefully

    (c) wisely

    ANSWER : carefully

  3. This is something I bought at the wholesale market.

    (a) learned

    (b) purchased

    (c) altered

    ANSWER : purchased

  4. We were all watching the thief when he suddenly jumped over the wall.

    (a) leaped

    (b) altered

    (c) carefully

    ANSWER : leaped

  5. I could not remember where I left my bag.

    (a) altered

    (b) carefully

    (c) recollect

    ANSWER : recollect

  6. The bad weather completely ruined the Match.

    (a) carefully

    (b) purchased

    (c) spoiled

    ANSWER : spoiled

  7. This stay is quite good but some parts are to be changed.

    (a) purchased

    (b) altered

    (c) recollect

    ANSWER : altered

  8. Don’t be silly.

    (a) foolish

    (b) gentle

    (c) nice

    ANSWER : foolish

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