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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. ……………with a sheepish smile

    (a) puzzled

    (b) certain

    (c) ignorant

  2. They urged him to go.

    (a) compelled

    (b) neglected

    (c) rejected

  3. They rescued him from drowning.

    (a) departed

    (b) compelled

    (c) saved

  4. I am very eager to see you.

    (a) hateful

    (b) anxious

    (c) dislike

  5. Instrument of torture called trepalium?

    (a) tension

    (b) trouble

    (c) cockpit

  6. This room is uncomfortable.

    (a) comfortable

    (b) nice

    (c) not comfortable

  7. But this did not deter men.

    (a) trouble

    (b) disturb

    (c) quiet

  8. He is exploring the world.

    (a) cleaving

    (b) mesmerising

    (c) discovering


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