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Choose the correct SYNONYMS for the underlined words.

  1. ……………with a sheepish smile

    (a) puzzled

    (b) certain

    (c) ignorant

    ANSWER : ignorant

  2. They urged him to go.

    (a) compelled

    (b) neglected

    (c) rejected

    ANSWER : compelled

  3. They rescued him from drowning.

    (a) departed

    (b) compelled

    (c) saved

    ANSWER : saved

  4. I am very eager to see you.

    (a) hateful

    (b) anxious

    (c) dislike

    ANSWER :anxious

  5. Instrument of torture called trepalium?

    (a) tension

    (b) trouble

    (c) cockpit

    ANSWER : tension

  6. This room is uncomfortable.

    (a) comfortable

    (b) nice

    (c) not comfortable

    ANSWER : not comfortable

  7. But this did not deter men.

    (a) trouble

    (b) disturb

    (c) quiet

    ANSWER : disturb

  8. He is exploring the world.

    (a) cleaving

    (b) mesmerising

    (c) discovering

    ANSWER : discovering

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