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Go through the table given and answer the questions by choosing the best options.

Blood Banking Map of India


  1. Maximum volume of blood is collected by……….

    (a) State government

    (b) Central government

    (c) Private hospitals

    (d) Commercial agencies

    ANSWER : a

  2. The minimum collection is done by………

    (a) Central Government

    (b) State Government

    (c) Voluntary organizations

    (d) Private hospitals

    ANSWER : a

  3. …………..of blood banks of India belongs to State Government

    (a) 51%

    (b) 48%

    (c) 12%

    (d) 58%

    ANSWER : b

  4. 50% of blood is collected by…………

    (a) Central and State Governments

    (b) Private hospitals and State Government

    (c) Commercial and voluntary agencies

    (d) Central and Commercial

    ANSWER : a

  5. What proportion of blood is collected by State Government blood banks and voluntary organizations?

    (a) 4 : 1

    (b) 2 : 1

    (c) 3 : 2

    (d) 1 : 4

    ANSWER : a

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