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Hema, Manu and Ananthi

Hema : Hello! Hema speaking. Will you please call Ananthi?

Manu : Sure. Please hold on.

Ananthi : Hello! Ananthi is on the line here.

Hema : Hello Ananthi. I'm Hema. Am I disturbing you in the morning hours?

Ananthi : No. You carry on sister.

Hema : Are you going to the office alone?

Ananthi : Yes. Should I come that way?

Hema : Is it inconvenient for you?

Ananthi : Be ready at 9 o'clock. It would be more convenient if you can come up to the bus stop and wait there.

Hema : Well. I'll be at the bus stop at sharp nine. May I hang up?

Ananthi : Right.

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