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Tense :

Tense is the form of the verb to indicate the time of the verb. There are three forms of Tense usually used : Simple present tense, simple past tense and simple future tense.

There are 12 tense.

They are :

  1. Simple Present Tense

  2. Simple Past Tense

  3. Simple Future Tense

  4. Present Continuous Tense

  5. Past Continuous Tense

  6. Future Continuous Tense

  7. Present Perfect Tense

  8. Past Perfect Tense

  9. Future Perfect Tense

  10. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  11. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Examples :

  1. He is my student.

  2. They will come to New York.

  3. She has gone to London.

  4. It would be the next priority.

  5. They will be walking along the road.

  6. He killed the Prime Minister.

  7. Where are my bags?

  8. Where is your father?

  9. Would you come to my office?

  10. We speak English.

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