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Tenses :

Rewrite the following passage filling in the blanks with correct tense form of the verbs given in brackets.

  1. Anyone who ______ (get) him (Sachin) out ______ (take) this coin. If no one ______ (get) him out, Sachin is going to ______ (take) it.

  2. Sachin ______ (grow) up in Sahitya Sahavas Colony, a typical colony of writers in Bandra. A little prankster, full of mischief he used to ______ (climb), ______ (play) hide–and-seek and of course, cricket. He ______ (love) to challenge new friends to beat him.

  3. It ______ (be) long, its long ago since he ______ (sleep) on a bed. He ______ (start) reflecting about those nineteen years. He ______ (sentence) to four years for stealing bread.

  4. He ______ (tell) you that the silverware ______ (give) to him by me and that he ______ (spend) the night here. And you ______ (bring) him here?

  5. The next morning Sambu ______ (take) an a tour around the yard. He ______ (introduce) to Detective Palmer and Detective Hunt. Detective Sambu ______ (show) the details of the case and ______ (not make) head or tail of it.

  6. Sachin ______ (hit) his first test 100 against English team at a crucial moment when India ______ (chase) total of 408. He ______ (be) more or less a pioneer. If the “Master Blaster" traditions which ______ (continue) to date and ______ (fear) for his capacity to dispose, if even the most aggressive bowler.


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