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Tenses :

Rewrite the following passage filling in the blanks with correct tense form of the verbs given in brackets.

  1. Sachin _______ (show) a remarkable passion for cricket at an early age. He _______ (bat) with a cricket bat far bigger than him. Like most other Indian children, his initial sessions _______ (spent) on the road where weekend cricket _______ (be) a community passion. In the huge, Shivaji Part, coaching classed for youngsters _______ (held) every summer.

  2. My dream _______ (be) to score as many _______ (run) as possible. I do not believe in playing a game only to set records. I just want to _______ (give) my very best to the game. All said and done, all play and no work _______ (make) Jill a mere toy.

  3. Jean Valjean _______ (be) so exhausted that he _______ (fell) asleep immediately. Towards the middle of the night, he _______ (wake) up. What awoke him was the bed. It _______ (be) long, long ago. Since he _______ (sleep) on a bed.

  4. He _______ (rise) to his feet, hesitated for a moment, _______ (listen) and walked cautiously to the adjacent room. The rays of moonlight _______ (shine) on the bishop’s face. He _______ (sleep) tranquilly. Jean Valjean stood.

  5. Margie _______ (disappoint). She _______ (hope) they _______ (once take) Tommy’s teacher away for nearly a month.

  6. Earlier computers _______ (use) only as an input – output device. The information was keyed in, _______ (process) by the CPU and the output _______ (receive) as a hard copy.


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