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Rewrite the following passage filling in the blanks with correct tense form of the verbs given in brackets.

  1. Sachin showed (show) a remarkable passion for cricket at an early age. He was batting (bat) with a cricket bat far bigger than him. Like most other Indian children, his initial sessions were spent (spent) on the road where weekend cricket is (be) a community passion. In the huge, Shivaji Part, coaching classed for youngsters were held (held) every summer.

  2. My dream is (be) to score as many runs (run) as possible. I do not believe in playing a game only to set records. I just want to give (give) my very best to the game. All said and done, all play and no work makes (make) Jill a mere toy.

  3. Jean Valjean was (be) so exhausted that he fell (fell) asleep immediately. Towards the middle of the night, he woke (wake) up. What awoke him was the bed. It was (be) long, long ago. Since he had slept (sleep) on a bed.

  4. He rose (rise) to his feet, hesitated for a moment, listened (listen) and walked cautiously to the adjacent room. The rays of moonlight shone (shine) on the bishop’s face. He slept (sleep) tranquilly. Jean Valjean stood.

  5. Margie was disappointed (disappoint). She had been hoping (hope) they would take (once take) Tommy’s teacher away for nearly a month.

  6. Earlier computers were used (use) only as an input – output device. The information was keyed in, processed (process) by the CPU and the output received (receive) as a hard copy.

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