The Boy Wonder : A Raman Story

Raman The Boy Wonder

Let us enjoy reading this Raman Story of Raman The Boy Wonder.

When Raman was a boy, his neighbor once took him to the house of a rich and powerful landlord.

“He’s a prodigy," the neighbor told the landlord.

“I’ve never seen a more intelligent boy. He has an answer for everything!"

The landlord was a proud and haughty man who thought himself the only intelligent person in the country. He was not at all pleased to hear his visitor praise Raman.

“He doesn’t look very intelligent," he said, glancing at Raman. “In any case the more intelligent a boy is, the duller he becomes as a man!"

“Is that true?" asked Raman, with an air of innocence.

“Then, sir, as a boy you must have been even more intelligent than I am!"

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