The Brave Hunter

The Brave Hunter :

Once, a hunter lived in a village. He used to boast of his brave hunting trips to the villagers. The villagers respected him a lot. He mostly told everyone how he had fought a lion bare handed or of killing an elephant with a single bullet. He said that the tiny animals used to get scared even at the sight of him.

One day, the hunter was passing through a forest. A woodcutter from the same village was busy cutting trees.

The boastful hunter approached him and said, "How are you? It's a fine day, isn't it?"

"Yes, Yes, indeed!" the woodcutter replied.

"Well, can you tell me if you have seen some footprints of the lion nearby? It’s been months since I killed any."

The woodcutter knew that the hunter only boasted. So he said, "Yes, a lion is in a nearby den. Can I take you there?"

But the scared hunter said, "No... No... I only just wanted to see his footprints."

And so the boastful hunter ran away from the spot.

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