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The Clever Barber

The Clever Barber :

One day, a barber was going to the next village. On the way he had to pass through a forest full of wild animals. Suddenly all his worst fears came true. A fierce lion came and stood before him. But the barber gathered courage and went to the lion. The lion was surprised to see the barber acting this way.

The barber said, "Ah! Here you are and I have been searching all the nearby forests to look for you."

The lion was taken aback at the barber's words. With some fear in his heart, he asked the barber, "But why were you looking for me?"

The barber replied, "The king had asked me to catch two lions for him. I have already caught one of them. I guess you will be the next one."

And then the barber took a mirror and put it before the lion's face. The lion saw his reflection and mistook it for another lion.

So the lion ran away to save his life and the clever barber went on his way.

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