Jataka Tales : The Doe Sets Her Husband Free

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The Doe Sets Her Husband Free .

Once upon a time there was a fine stag who ruled a herd of deers in a forest and it had a beautiful wife. The doe was very devoted to her husband and helped him in all matters of life.

One day, the stag was caught in the trap of a hunter and the doe was very frightened as was the stag. All the friends of the stag left him.

But the doe remained steadfast next to him and waited for the hunter to come. She was very devoted to her husband. As soon as the hunter came, she fell on his knees and begged, "Sir! Please make a nice bed of leaves for me and my husband and then kill me first and then my husband and you can have a nice feast."

The hunter was so amazed and surprised by her love that he went to first free the stag before he prepared the bed of leaves, and in a split second, the stag and the doe ran after being free.

Moral: Great love can achieve anything.

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