The Dutiful Son : A Raman Story

Raman is The Dutiful Son.

Let us enjoy reading this Raman Story of Raman - The Dutiful Son.

The King's mother died before she could eat the mango she had asked for.

And some wily courtiers convinced the king that his mother's soul would not rest in peace until a golden mango was given to each one of them.

Accordingly a long line of courtiers formed outside the palace. Raman met them at the gate and told them that each man would get as many golden mangoes as burns he agreed to receive on his body with red hot irons.

The courtiers gritted their teeth and suffered three or four burns each but when they went in, each man got only one golden mango.

The courtiers were very angry and complained to the king. The king sent for Raman and asked for an explanation.

Raman said, "Your Majesty, you mother died before she could eat the mango and mine died before she could be cauterized and I wished to fulfill her last wish."

The king realized that Raman was trying to show up the greedy courtiers and laughed and sent them away.

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