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The Foolish Friends

The Foolish Friends :

Once a mouse and a frog were close friends. They spent most of their time together.

When the frog would go back to the pond, the mouse would miss him. In the same way, the frog grew sad every time the mouse went off in search of food. So they took a rope and tied one end of it around the frog's leg and the other to the mouse's foot. Every time they missed each other, one would pull the rope to call the other.

One day, the frog went deep under water in the pond in search of food. He forgot that his foot was tied with the mouse's. He went deeper and deeper in the water. Soon the poor mouse was pulled into the water and drowned.

An eagle flying over the pond spotted the dead mouse. The eagle came down, took the mouse in its beak and flew away. The frog who was tied at the other end of the rope was also found by the eagle. The eagle ate him too. Thus, the lives of both the friends came to an end because of their foolishness.

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