The Mysterious Tracks : A Humorous Story

The Mysterious Tracks

Let us enjoy reading this story of The Mysterious Tracks .

Lal Bujhakkad is a comic hero of Hindi folklore. He is fond of offering elaborate but foolish explanations for simple phenomena and suggesting outlandish solutions for simple problems or riddles. But he lives among foolish people who are in awe of his learning. They readily believe whatever he tells them and never hesitate to carry out his instructions.

Here is a Lal Bujhakkad story.

One morning a villager stepped out of his hut and saw huge, round footmarks in the mud outside his dwelling.

"Oh, my God! What's this!" he shouted.

Soon there was a large crowd outside his hut. None of the villagers had ever seen such large footprints before and they were bewildered by them.

They followed the mysterious tracks and found that they ran all through the village to the other side.

"I think... I think," said a villager, finally, "we were visited by a demon last night."

"He must've been of a monstrous size," said another man, shuddering.

"Let us not panic," advised a third villager. "There might be a simple explanation for all this. Let's call Lal Bujhakkad. He has helped us so many times in the past..."

So Lal Bujhakkad, who lived in a neighboring village, was sent for and he came without fuss. He bent over the prints and studied them from every angle.

"Some of us think they were made by a demon," said the headman, hesitatingly.

"You people have such fertile imaginations," said Lal Bujhakkad, giving him a withering looks.

"No, these tracks were not made by a demon or monster. They were made by a deer."

"A deer!" exclaimed the headman. "But they're so big!"

"That's because," explained Lal Bujhakkad patiently, "the animal tied large stones to its feet to fool us."

The villagers stood gaping in wonder at Lal Bujhakkad.

"Only you could have seen through the deer's clever trick," said the headman.

Lal Bujhakkad graciously acknowledged the compliment and admonishing the villagers for their foolishness, returned home.

Some nights later, the animal who had made the tracks, a large elephant, came that way again. The villagers saw the tracks the next morning but this time they were not afraid.

They knew the deer was trying to fool them again.
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