The Poor Devotee

The Poor Devotee :

Once a very poor man lived in a village. He worked very hard the whole day. But the wages of his labour could barely feed his family once a day. His house was nothing but an old hut with a leaky roof. But all through such misery, the poor man did not ever complain to God. He was also thankful for what he had. He went to the village temple everyday. There he would offer flowers to God and then go around the temple seven times over. Only then would the poor man go to work.

Once, God felt very sorry for the poor condition of his devotee. So he thought, "Tomorrow I will keep a bag full of gold coins for him outside the temple. He will pick it up and all his miseries will be over."

Next morning, the devotee decided to go around the temple with his eyes closed and chanting God's name. So he never saw the bag with gold coins.

After his departure, God took the bag and said, "No one gets anything before his lucky time or more than his fortune has in its order."

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