The Sailor Sindbad

The Sailor Sindbad :

Hindbad was a hardworking but poor porter. He lived in Baghdad and earned his living by carrying various packages to given addresses. All his toil from early morning till late at night earned him just enough to get by. He was very bitter about his condition.

One day as he was carrying a large package to a far away place he felt very tired. He saw a shady tree outside the door of a large mansion. As he rested under the tree for a while, he heard a lot of voices and laughter coming from the open windows.

Hindbad turned to see and there was a guard who stood by the doorway. Hindbad enquired, "What's going on in this house? Who lives here?" To this the guard said, "Oh! Don't you know? This is Sindbad the sailor's mansion. He is the one who has been around the world on voyages."

"So, Sindbad lives here. I've heard much about him. But what difference does it make. The rich enjoys comfortable and lives in luxurious mansions while the poor works hard all day for a piece of bread. Oh! it's not fair at all." With these words, Hindbad burst into tears. He started wailing loudly.

Just then his loud cries reached indoors. Sindbad called the guard to enquire who was crying at his door. The guard told him about Hindbad and why he was crying. Sindbad felt pity on hearing about Sindbad. He asked the guard to fetch Hindbad inside. Hindbad went into the mansion reluctantly. He greeted Sindbad and said, “I am sorry to disturb you, sir. You must be angry. Please permit me to leave. I have to go to deliver a package outside the town."

Sindbad smiled and said, "My friend, do not worry. Join me and take some food. You can stay and enjoy yourself here. My servants will deliver the package to the address."

Hindbad relaxed a little and Sindbad offered him a plate full of delicious food. As he ate, Hindbad observed his surroundings. He saw articles of costly furniture, silk curtains, fancy chandeliers and food in silver plates on the table. Sindbad himself was an old man with a long white beard yet a handsome and charming personality for his age. Even the guests around him were richly personality for his age. Even the guests around him were richly attired and were enjoying themselves. Then Sindbad addressed his guests, "Friends, many of you may think that I was born rich and had all the luxuries provided by my parents. But this is not true. What you see all around you is the result of my hard work and many trials and troubles that I faced in the seven voyages I took up in my lifetime. Please take your seats and if you want I'll tell you all about my adventurous voyages."

There was a murmur of agreement and all the guests took their seats. Hindbad, too, got eager to hear Sindbad, the sailor's story to success.

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