The Smelly Lion

The Smelly Lion :

Once, the lion king fell very ill. Soon a foul smell started to coming out of his body. When the animals came to know that their king was ill, they went to meet him. But even a few steps away from the den, they could smell a foul smell. So, they put hankies to their noses to keep off the smell.

While meeting the animals, the lion asked the reason for that. A bear and a zebra spoke up, "Because a bad smell is coming out of your body."

The lion lost his temper at such insulting words. He promptly killed them.

The other animals ran away to save their lives.

One day a clever fox came to meet the lion. The lion asked him the same question. The fox had noticed the dead bodies of the bear and the zebra near the den. So he said, "Your Majesty, I can't smell because my nose is closed due to cold."

With these words, the fox ran away to save his life.

He knew that one must speak according to the situation.

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