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The Spreading of Seeds


Observe germination of seeds

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The Spreading of Seeds

You must have seen the seed of some trees spinning in the air and moving in the air to distant places.

The same effect can be demonstrated using a piece of card. Take a card and bend it.

Attach a paper clip to its lower end to give it a weight. Now let the card fall free from a height. You will see it spin in the air and if there is wind it may get carried by the wind.

Observe germination of seeds

Take an earthen pot and put soil inside it.

Take a bitter gourd seed and bury it inside the soil. For a few days you water the soil, after placing the pot in a shaded spot in the corner of your room.

In a few days time, you will find a small shoot sprouting out from the soil. Now take the pot and place it in the sunlight.

Water it everyday. You can see it growing.

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