The Stolen Horse

The Stolen Horse :

Once, a tired traveller, who was riding his horse the whole day, saw a shady grove of trees. He got down and after letting the horse to graze nearby, he lay down under a shady tree.

After a few hours, the traveller woke up and saw that his horse was missing. He searched around the grove but could not find his horse. He saw a stout stick lying on the ground. Now, he knew that someone must have stolen his horse. He picked the stick and started walking towards the nearby village.

He went to the village’s market. Then he waved the stick and shouted, “Who has stolen my horse? Whoever has done this must return my horse or I will do what I had done last time."

By his loud voice, the thief got scared. He brought the horse and handed it over to the traveller and asked in a whisper, “What did you do last time, your horse was stolen?"

The traveller smiled and said, “Oh! I bought a new horse from the city."

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