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The Thankless Snake

The Thankless Snake :

Once there was a kind hearted farmer. So many a times, he would help the other farmers in their fields. He used to tend to the sick people and would always feed the hungry. He also liked to give love and care to animals and birds.

One day the farmer went to a nearby village. As he was returning, he saw an injured snake on the road. It seemed that when the snake was crawling across the road some bullock cart had run over the creature. Luckily the snake was alive but it was unconscious. Its wounds were bleeding. The kind farmer gently wrapped the injured snake in a cloth and took it home.

At home, the farmer washed and put some medicine on its wounds. Then he left the snake at home and went to the market to get some milk for it. When he came back, the snake had become conscious. It bit the farmer and he died instantly.

The villagers said sadly, "The farmer did not know that an evil creature never changes its nature."

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