Modern Stories : The Three Sons of The King

The Three Sons of The King

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Once there lived a king called Ralph. He had three sons.

The first son was Sam. The second was John and the third was Eric.

The king in his death bed wanted to test his three sons He asked them to assemble the next day in the court.

The king said that he was in his death bed and wanted to test them. He asked them to fill the entire room with something and whoever does completely will become the king, he said.

The first son brought diamonds which filled half the room. The second son filled the room with cotton but it was not sufficient. The third kept a lamp in the middle of the room. It spread light in the whole room.

The king appreciated Eric and decided that he will be the king.

The two sons were ashamed of themselves as their younger brother defeated them.

Then, the king died and Eric became the king.

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