Top Favorite Oxymorons

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Top Favorite Oxymorons.

Accurate Estimate

Act Naturally

Adult Child

Agree to Disagree

All Alone

Anti-Missile Missile

Appear Invisible

Assistant Supervisor

Awfully Nice

Better than New

Big Baby

Bigger Half

Birth Control

Black Comedy

Born Again (Christian)

Born Dead

Boxing Ring

Bride groom

Brief Speech

Brief Survey

Buffalo Wings

Business Ethics

Business Party

Butt head

Calm Storm

Casual Chic

Cat fish

Chili (Refers to hot)

Civil War

Climb Down

Commercial Art

Completed Research

Confirmed Rumor

Consistently Inconsistent

Constant Change

Constant Variable

Copyrighted Fake

Corporate Family

Cruel Kindness

Current History

Daily Special

Day Dreams

Dead Livestock

Deliberate Mistake

Deregulation Law

Dick Head

Dim wit

Distant Relative

Doing Nothing

Drawing a Blank

Dress Shirt

Drive-Thru Window

Dry Beer

Dry Ice

Easy Labor (Childbirth)

Educational Television

Expect the Unexpected

Expressive Silence

Extra ordinary

Eyes Wide Shut

False Evidence

False Fact

Farewell Reception

Fatal Attraction

Fat-Free Ice Cream

Fiber Glass

Fighting for Peace

Final Draft

First Conclusions

Flexible Budget

Fresh Dried Fruit

Friendly Fire (From own military side)

Full Vacuum (Bag)

Global Village

Going Nowhere

Gold Silverware

Graduate Student

Grand Children

Growing Small

Hate to Hate

Here and There

Historical Event

Holy Crap

Holy War

Home Office

Home work

Hot Chili

Humane War

Include Me Out

Invisible Ink

Jumbo Shrimp

Junk Food

Just Friends

Known Secret

Least Favorite

Liquid Gas

Little Big

Live Recording

Live Television

Local Network

Long Shorts

Love Crime

Low Fat

Major General

Martial Arts

Medium Well

Mercy Killing

Misanthropic Philanthropist

Mobile House

Mobile Station

Modern History

Mud Bath

Natural Additives

Natural Makeup

Never Generalize

New Classic

New Used Cars

New and Improved

No Comment (Is a Comment)

No Means Yes

Now and Then

Objective Opinion

Old Boy

Old News

One Man Show

Peace Force

Peacekeeping Force

Pepper Cherry

Perfect Mismatch

Personal Business

Plastic Glasses

Practical Joke

Preliminary Conclusion

Pretty Bad

Public Opinion

Random Pattern

Re- creation

Real Fake

Real Polyester

Real Potential

Real TV

Reality TV

Real-Life Show

Relaxation Exercise

Rush Hour (Heavy traffic period)

Sad Smile

Saying Nothing

Science Fiction

Selfish Lover

Sharp Curve

Show Business

Single Parent

Singles Club

Small Crowd

Small Fortune

Smart Ass

Sopho more (Wise fool)

Specialize in Everything

Steel Wool

Sugarless Candy

Suicide Victim

Sweet and Sour

Talk Show

Tears of Joy

Terribly Good

Thinking out Loud

Timeless Moment

Top Floor

Tough Love

Train the Trainer

True Story (Stories)

United Nations

Vegetarian Hamburger

Very Little

Virtual Reality

Wall Street

War Games

Well-Known Secret

We're Alone

White Chocolate

White Gold

Whole some

Wireless Cable

Working Mother

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